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Deadfellow: “I’m Mostly Unhappy. All Good Musicians are Unhappy. Always.”

June 6, 2017


Deadfellow, the folky/indie rock project of Hayden Sammak, will celebrate the release of their album, Mescalifornia: A California Dream, on Friday with a show at Milkboy. The Classic Hunt will open.

We caught up with Hayden and, well, now we’re feeling a bit morose. Luckily, his music is rather soothing …

Who is Deadfellow and where did you come from?

I’m a 6’ 2” 25-year old white male who still manages to find something to complain about.

I came from Ambler.

How’d you get into music?

I got into music because I thought it would be a good way to make money.


What’s going on in the new album?

It’s about loving someone who’s pursuing the increasingly vague “California Dream,” which is now less about surf and sun, and more about talentless celebrity. Is it still hip to knock the Kardashians? Knock.

What inspires your lyrics? Like “She wears me,” from last year. It seems so personal, painful.

Personally, I’m in pain.

Your music seems so melancholy. But you have a giant dog, right? Doesn’t that beast just make you happy all the time?

No, I’m mostly unhappy. All good musicians are unhappy. Always.

What’s in the near future for Deadfellow?

The near future features the impending apocalypse, where some sort of bizarre symbolic interactionism with political hot-button issues dictates the fate of mankind. Spoiler alert: It won’t be good.


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