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Fall 2011

Click on any of the stories below to find everything in the print edition and more, including extra images, videos and free music.

You can also flip through the digital version of the mag here.

COVER STORY: Patty Crash has performed with The Roots and Gym Class Heroes and others. Now she’s doing her own thing. Meet the next Philly pop star.

JUMP Presents: People have been dancing around a bonfire in the heart of Philadelphia for nearly 30 years. Our Caroline Newton takes part in the weekly festivities.

JUMP Presents: There’s a new wave of folk musicians in Philly. Our Jillian Mallon looks at the growing scene.

Music & Education: The University of Pennsylvania Glee Club has been making fans squeal for nearly 150 years.

Music & Education: Girls Rock Philly (below) teaches how to be a rock goddess (and strong woman).This Place Rocks: The Hard Rock Cafe is going local. Milkboy comes to Philly. Vox Populi brings art and music together. Black and Nobel do more than just sell books and music; they inspire a desperate community.

Food That Rocks: The mysterious Little Bar in Bella Vista does jazz and karaoke and a world of other stuff.

Music & Politics: Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown was a professional dancer. She talks to JUMP about the importance of the arts and culture to the city.

Liner Notes: Keith Birthday of  Norwegian Arms meets a guitar craftsman in Ecuador.

Publisher’s Note: Four words of advice – start a fucking band.

The JUMP off:

Da Rezarekt (jumping in the image above).


The New Connection.

Emily Pukis & the Vagrants are not a cult. Honestly.

Black Landlord wants you to dance.

The R6 Cypher is showcasing Philly talent.

O.H.M. has meaning: the powerful 18-year old rapper.

Chalk & The Beige Americans.

The Sound & The Fury: The legacy of Black Radio in Philly.

Josh Landow & Y-Not Radio.

Toy Soldiers are roots rockers.

Modern Bromance: How author Eric Smith and musician Peter Marinari found each other.

Logan Neubauer, hardcore organizer.

The healing power of music.

Meet David Gudis, the beatboxing doctor who helps people hear.

The Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.

Doo Wop: The sounds of Philadelphia (50s-style).

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