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Fall 2014

TheWonderYearsJF41Check out the digital version of the mag here.

Here is the table of contents from THE OUTSIDERS issue:

Fall2014JUMPcoverCOVER STORY: Dan “Soupy” Campbell (above) and his bandmates in The Wonder Years left Philly for the suburbs. The move has impacted the music they make.

COVER STORY: Phil Nicolo started his recording career in the attic of his family home. He went on to produce some of music’s biggest hitmakers. Soon he may open shop in Beijing. 

COVER STORY: Philadelphia began focusing on arts and culture as a tool for revitalization 20 years ago. It’s worked well so far. But we’ve reached a delicate point. Competition has increased while our tax base has shifted and institutional funding has dried up. Schools remain a mess and the future of the city is in limbo. Can music save the city?

Music & Politics: Helen Haynes, a longtime artist and arts advocate, is the new chief cultural officer for the city of Philadelphia.

This Place Rocks: The Tower Theater in Upper Darby has a storied history. Ardmore Music Hall offers quality music to the Main Line. Plus, check out our map listing some of our favorite non-Philly venues.

Music & Education: Jr. Music Executive teaches young people how to survive in the music business world.

Food That Rocks: Catching a concert at the Tower Theater? Here are a few places to have a few drinks and get a bite to eat before or after the show.

Inside Voice: Booker, promoter, sound tech and musician Jake Detwiler isn’t even 21 yet and he’s already fighting the battle between being jaded and staying creative.

Publisher’s Note: Rather than have everyone wandering the whole wide world, let’s all meet here. Let’s make Philly the locus of creativity. 

SatelliteHeartsSmall02The JUMP Off features: Heat Thunder, Marian Hill, Family Vacation, Jimmy DaSaint, The Burgeoning, Cape Wrath, Relapse Records, ILL Doots, Spotted Atrocious, Satellite Hearts (above),  Snoozer, Only on Weekends, TwizzMatic, Chris Cabott, Vilebred, Communion Club Night and Rich Quick.

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