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Japanther04We love Philly, pure and simple. And we love music. We’re tired of watching our local talent run off to New York or London to be appreciated.

We’re here to blow up the music scene and shed light on all the amazing things that are happening here.

In our quarterly print magazine, we cover Philly bands, venues, studios, history, bouncers, stylists, producers, clubs, boutiques, restaurants, deejays, music shops, record stores, labels, promoters, artists and anything else that has a connection to music in the city.

We document all genres, from hip-hop and indie rock to classical, folk, jam bands, reggae, electronic, jazz and hardcore. We report on everything from street performers to the Philadelphia Orchestra.

We are musicians, journalists, students, photographers, artists and Philadelphians.

We are not part of a massive corporation. We are music-lovers. We go to concerts, dance in illegal basement venues, party at clubs, hang with other music-lovers and listen to lots of music. We are all a part of the Philly music scene in some way or another.

If you want to get involved, contact us here.

Please read this document before pitching stories, photo essays and/ or art.

JUMP magazine operates under the legal entity known as Mookieland Inc., a business established by JUMP founder George Miller.

If you want to learn more about the mission of JUMP, click here.


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“Temple journalism professor G.W. Miller III has just launched JUMP, a free, full-color music magazine dedicated to the diverse Philly scene. The first issue features stories about rappers Freeway, Lupe Fiasco and Black Thought of the Roots, the latter two provided by magazine, and also rock bands such as Slutever, Valencia and Sun Airway. Some of Miller’s Temple students work on the magazine, which he previously published in London during a Temple trip there during which students covered the city’s music scene. The project is independent of Temple, and Miller and his crew have been dropping off stacks of issues around town. Read more and learn where to find issues at”

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