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Spring 2015: The Unfiltered Issue


Here is the table of contents from spring 2015 issue:

COVER STORY: Cheerbleeders (above) are more than just sass and sex appeal.
They’re a band showing off the power of female artists, with the hopes of inspiring other female artists.

PissedJeansCoverSpring2015onlineCOVER STORY: For more than a decade, Pissed Jeans (right) have been making loud music and having a lot of fun. They’ve managed to stay fresh and enjoy making music because they never tried to make the band their careers. 

Music & Politics: State Representative Jordan Harris is planning his next summer festival, which bridges music and government.

Music & Education: Philadelphia School District director of music education, Frank Machos, talks about the importance of the arts.

This Place Rocked: Golden Tea House, which shut down this winter after a three-year run, was home to legions of music lovers (and bands). We celebrate the community-building DIY spot, while we wait for the next great spot to launch.

Food That Rocks: Legend says that George Washington hung out at the Mermaid Inn. In more recent years, the Chestnut Hill restaurant/venue has become a haven for folk music.

Inside Voices: Derek Dorsey speaks to Reef The Lost Cauze about parenting, growing up in Overbrook Park, Philly pride and the state of race relations in America today.

Publisher’s Note: A pick-up game of baseball with a bunch of musicians and artists changed a life.


The JUMP Off features:

FTS, Abando, Bakery Boys, Radiator Hospital (above), Caitlin McCullough from Milkboy The Studio, Rob Windfelder from Crash Bang Boom, The West Kensingtons, New Sound Brass, Cory Wade, Chris McElroy, Broadzilla, Velvet Crayon and Callowhill.

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