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Summer 2016: The Success Issue

JuneDividedOnline04Here is the table of contents from summer 2016 issue:

COVER STORY: June Divided (above) reached great success very early. And then the band took some time off. They’re back!

COVER STORY: Connor Barwin from the Philadelphia Eagles loves music and he loves our city. He’s harnessing those passions to make better park spaces in Philly neighborhoods.

COVER STORY: Country music has found a home in the city, at Bob and Barbara’s, and things can get kind of wild there, partner.

COVER STORY: There is a growing community of people in Philadelphia who make gear for musicians.

COVER STORY: The open mic scene in Philly has long been a place where rising talent can get stage time, feedback and friendship.

Music & Politics: Marc Brownstein from The Disco Biscuits is using music to get people engaged in politics through HeadCount.

Music & Education: The Dancing Classrooms program does more than teach kids how to dance. It gives them social skills.

This Place Rocks: W/N W/N is an inviting place for musicians and artists, as well as staffers, who become part owners. Voltage Lounge is finding its niche in the local scene.

Food That Rocks: The Bynum brothers bring Southern sights, sounds and tastes up North Broad Street to South.

Inside Voice: PJ Bond toured the world as a solo artist and with various projects for many years. And then he gave all that up. Now, he works at American Sardine Bar. And he couldn’t be happier.

Publisher’s Note: The world is getting crazy. What can you do about it?


The JUMP Off features:

Iris Barbee Bonner (above), Curtis Cooper, Michael the Lion, Fake Boyfriend, A Day Without Love, Anomie Fatale, Lily Maopolski, The Moon and the Tiger, Josh Lawrence, Agent Zero, Cape of Bats, ROCKERS! and Drum Like a Lady.