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Winter 2011/2012

Check out the digital version of the magazine here. Find a print copy of the mag here.


Here is the table of contents (with clickable links):

COVER STORY: Jill Scott is a home girl. While the North Philly native lends her talents to the world now, she still takes care of the children from her old neighborhood.

JUMP Presents: The Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus have been singing, dancing and building community for nearly 30 years.

JUMP Presents: DJ Suga Shay is a dubstep diva.

JUMP Presents: Joe Boruchow of The Nite Lights creates street art with a social message.

Music & Politics: Gary Steuer is the city’s chief cultural officer. It’s his job to champion the arts in Philadelphia.

Music & Education: The School of Rock is turning our children (below) into rock gods.

Food that rocks: The High Note Cafe serves classic Italian food with a song.

This place rocks: Grindcore House is a destination for death metal vegans and coffee lovers. Noni’s Patois is trying to recreate the Black Lily vibe. Cedar Street Studios wants you to stop by on the second Saturday of the month.

Liner Notes: Melissa Menago of June Divided talks about life on the road.

Publisher’s Note: What do we need to do to build a  great music town?


The JUMP Off features:

Shorty Boy Boy


Eric Slick, the drummer from Dr. Dog and Norwegian Arms

Chill Moody

Hoop dancing (right)

Data Garden

Steve Goldberg & The Arch Enemies


The Sniffles

Anthony Caroto has advice for bands

Eye Gate II

Emcee Unless, a.k.a. Dewey Saunders

Jorgan Krug

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