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Winter 2018: The Dream Issue.


Here is the table of contents from winter 2018 issue:

COVER STORY: Performing spoken word helped Ivy Sole develop stage presence. Dancing introduced her to different sounds. Writing what she knows has helped her connect to people.

COVER STORY: PnB Rock grew up in a rough part of town, got caught up in the drug trade and wound up in prison.He could have become a statistic, another lost young man. But he took advantage of his prison time, made lots of music, and now he’s topping charts.

COVER STORY: The bandmates in Long Hots are so close, they finish each other’s sentences.

COVER STORY: mewithoutYou spoke to a generation of fans questioning life and dealing with youthful angst. More than 15 years since they formed, they are still making music, though under different circumstances – as adults. Also, learn about former member Greg Jehanian’s new project, Geology.

Music & Education: Contemporary dance company BalletX is teaching elementary school students how to dance through their program Dance eXchange.

This Place Rocks: Brewerytown Beats bridges old and new Philadelphia through vinyl. Creep Records sells records, for sure, but they also run a label, sell glass and so much more.

Food That Rocks: Legendary artist Isaiah Zagar has opened up his South Philly warehouse for shows, meals and events, all surrounded by his work.


The JUMP Off features:

goldenSpiral, S.T.A.R.W.O.O.D., Lauren Scott, Diamond Kuts, Queen Jesus, Worriers, Dentana, Glitter, Upholstery, PALMAS, Astro 8000, The Jawn and Telyscopes.