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Summer 2011

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Click on the links below to read stories from the HOOK-UP issue:

The Beginning of the Rainbow: How Reading Rainbow formed, came to Philly and began creating the awesome music they make.

Music Appreciation: Nicos Gun blends dance beats with indie hooks and psychedelic grooves to create an infectious sound.

Enter Sandman: Meet Philly’s smooth rapper who is constantly on the cusp of bigtime.

Divided We Stand: June Divided talks about connections and Craigslist.

The Brazilian Revolution: We traced the popular sound back to it’s Philly roots.

The Ballad of Jessi & Nema: The photographer and his muse are making music and art together.

Finding Purpose Through Music: Stanford Thompson, of Tune Up Philly, is trying to revive a Southwest Philly neighborhood through classical music.

I Could Make a Party Happen: Mayor Michael Nutter, a former DJ, talks about the importance of music and the arts.

The Movement: Weathervane Music is empowering independent artists.

Payback Time: Joe Hardcore is making up for years of being an asshole.

Hardcore Historian: Joe Annaruma, the former GWAR frontman formerly known as Joey Slutman, recounts his days during the rise of punk and hardcore.

A Real Studio: Musician Mike Onufrak goes to a professional studio and gets treated like a professional.

Drinking Vodka with Nomads: Keith Birthday of Norwegian Arms crossed cultural barriers with music.

You Can’t Do it Alone: Brendan McKinney has traveled the world thanks to his music – and his connections.

Creepoid Gets Naked: The indie band from Manayunk stays warm by their backyard bonfire.

The Cut Creator: Dave Patten sings with and makes videos for Meek Mill.

Connie’s Ric Rac: A good excuse to listen to music and drink.

House Music: The PSALM Salon in Overbrook provides great music in a home-like setting. Because it’s in somebody’s home.

Music History: A Germantown piano company has been in business since 1891.

Jazz, Ribs, R&B and Love in West Philly: Le Cochon Noir serves up fine food and soulful music.


Read about the following musicians and bands:


City Rain

The Fleeting Ends



Lost in Company

Mercury Radio Theater

Nazir Ebo

Turning violet Violet

Verbatum Jones


We also have content from our friends at Modern Bropar and Phrequency!


And check out the exclusive video interview of Nazir Ebo by Mariel Waloff:

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