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Fall 2015: The Exposed Issue

JosephConyersOnline01Here is the table of contents from fall 2015 issue:

COVER STORY: Lithuania seems like a side project for a trio of friends who have been involved with numerous successful projects. But the band originated more than a decade ago. They just finally made their first album.

COVER STORY: Minka shows are weird and loud and often feature nudity, with the band having as much fun as anyone watching them.

MoLowdaCFsmall03COVER STORY: 
The band formerly known as Mo Lowda & The Humble dropped an album that was really well received. As they prepare to release their sophomore effort, they’ve cut the Mo. Now, they are just The Humble (right).

Music & Politics: Melissa Murray Bailey faces long odds but she wants to be the next mayor of Philadelphia.

Music & Education: The Curtis Institute of Music is among the most selective schools in the world. Joseph Conyers (above) graduated from the school and now teaches there.

This Place Rocks: We spoke to people about the new venue, The Fillmore, and visited Spice House Sound and Rittenhouse Soundworks. Also, Heritage gives jazz a new home.

Food That Rocks: Franky Bradley’s offers a wide-range of music and entertainment, as well as dining options, in the heart of Center City.

Inside Voices: Philly legend Kenny Gamble talks about The Jackson 5, Jay-Z, civil rights and the need to control your world with Southwest Philly artist Mont Brown.

Publisher’s Note: Being a musician is often a struggle, especially today, in an age when the Internet has changed the way we do everything (and I mean everything).

ThinLipsSmall02JUMP Off features:

Thin Lips (above), Air is Human, Ground Up, The Pretty Greens, Posers, Max Swan, Driftwood Soldier, The Cats, The Holy Mess, Celeste DiNucci, Le Yikes Surf Club, Beach Slang, band vehicles and RECphilly.