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Winter 2017: The DISSENT Issue


Here is the table of contents from winter 2017 issue:

jumpwinter2017kominasCOVER STORY: With the new president, Congress and impending Supreme Court justice, things seem rather dire. But Philly artists are taking a stand. Philly musicians Rodney Anonymous, Katy Otto, Alex Smith, Perry Genovesi, Dick Rubin, Leanne Martz and Bets Charmelus present their tales and offer their words of wisdom for surviving the road ahead.

COVER STORY: Mannequin Pussy and The Spirit of the Beehive, like many other bands, are performing at shows to benefit organizations at risk because of the new government.

COVER STORY: The new government won’t change much for The Kominas, whose families all have roots in the Indian subcontinent. They have been dissenting ever since the band formed, more than a decade ago.

Music & Education: Jazz Lives Philadelphia aims to introduce jazz music to a younger audience.

This Place Rocks: The  squad from REC Philly recently launched Live! at William Street Common in West Philadelphia, just blocks away from the beloved but defunct Blockley.

Food That Rocks: West Philadelphia’s Dahlak Paradise offers an unusual dining experience, as well as a communal affair … with music.


The JUMP Off features:

Die Choking (above), The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die, Slaughter Beach, Dog, Ruin, Chaplain Mahdi Sufi El, Ninth Floor Mannequin, Flood the Drummer, Emily Robb, Rabble Rousers New Year’s Brigade and Elissa Janelle Velveteen