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Fall 2013

You can check out the digital version of the mag here. Find print copies of the mag around the region.


Here is the table of contents from the ISSUES ISSUE:

COVER STORY: Martha Graham Cracker and her Cabaret (above) put on one of the most entertaining live shows in town. But not everyone is happy to see a really tall, really hairy drag queen show up at their events. Well, those people are losing out.

September2013AgnewCoverOnlineCOVER STORY: Sean Agnew (right) went from throwing shows in grungy homes and small joints to running the beautiful new venue, Union Transfer. Did he sell-out the DIY scene? Or is he still a punk at heart? Also, we talk with our favorite bouncer, Union Transfer’s Wes Smith.

Music & Politics: June O’Neill manages The Philadelphia Cultural Fund, which allocates city money to arts organizations.

This Place Rocks: Phenomenal Records in North Philly is more than a music store with a studio. It’s also a place where musicians and artists come to network.

Music & Education: Many of the musicians you see rocking out on stage were actually trained in classical music. And they still use those skills.

Food That Rocks: Proud Philly rapper Jakk Frost likes to invite local and touring artists to his house for some home cooking. And he tells us about some of his favorite restaurants.

Inside Voice: Brendan Mulvihill has been booking DIY shows for years. Someone asked him why a recent show cost $8. He explains the philosophy and economics of DIY shows.

Publisher’s Note: The issues issue doesn’t focus on everyone’s problems. This issue of JUMP tells the stories of people who have overcome their issues.

CommChoirJUMPOffonlineBeanoChill2012smallGunsGarciaSmallThe JUMP Off features:

Commonwealth Choir (above)

Beano (right)

Batcave Studio



Billy Barton of The Charley Few

Amanda X

Little Big League

Gun$ Garcia (right, bottom)


Howard Rubin, the hip-hop cop

DJ Ben Arsenal

Taylor Dunn

Johnny Showcase and the Lefty Lucy Cabaret

Tom Moon

Cookie Rabinowitz


Pattern Is Movement

Mary Lattimore

Laser Background.

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