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Spring 2017: The Spring Cleaning Issue


Here is the table of contents from spring 2017 issue:

COVER STORY: An Albatross (above) has been making music since Clinton was the president. They put on an energetic performance back then. And even today, they go all out whenever they hit a stage.

COVER STORY: Sadie Dupuis, who performs with Speedy Ortiz, came to Philadelphia for some rest. Within a few weeks, she had completed her debut solo project. And she decided to move here.

COVER STORY: When the Ground Up guys decided to go their separate ways, it didn’t mean the music would stop. Less than a year later, Alexander Charles (who previously went by Azar) landed a record deal with a major label and continues to work with Bij Lincs.

COVER STORY: The women of JJ’s Diner (below) make the West Philly house venue a welcoming place for everyone.

Music & Education: The Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth, which recently received a $2.53 million grant, is providing increased access to music for students from underrepresented communities.

This Place Rocks: Silk City has been home to good times for decades, and is still going strong. Gary Viteri created The Pharmacy as a community-building project in Point Breeze.

Food That Rocks: The owners of Front Street Cafe created a menu for healthy dining, a space for locals to convene and a venue for musicians to perform.


The JUMP Off features:

Octave Cat, Eight, Gavin Riley Smoke Machine, Korean Sean, Marquee Lights, The Vernes, Purling Hiss, LOUD! FAST! PHILLY!, ManhattanSideProject, Del, Captain, We’re Sinking and Shy Boyz.