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Our Day With SteveO From The Holy Mess.

May 5, 2014

SteveOJF10Text and images by Jessica Flynn.

Stefan Wieslaw Niemoczynski, aka SteveO, is a novice cigar smoker and amateur historian. He was a one-time field artilleryman. He was recently rejected for Miley Cyrus’ Philadelphia concert guest list. He is a social butterfly, perhaps even Franklin-esque. He’s appalled by the bastardization of iconic childhood figures.

SteveO, a semi-professional lush, is 30 years old (though he says feels like a 14-year-old) and plays bass and sings for The Holy Mess. He also has an acoustic solo project, Foul Weathered Friend.

We followed him around one day during the winter as he recorded and partied.

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