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Creeping Weeds: New Classic Rock (or Something Like That?).

March 10, 2011

Text and image by Megan Matuzak.It’s hard to put Creeping Weeds into one musical category.

“I’m going to let you do this,” bassist Justin Seitz says with a chuckle, looking across the table toward front man and guitarist Pete Stewart inside the bustling Rocket Cat Café in Fishtown.

Stewart smiles large and toothy as he tries to pin the tail on the proverbial donkey. His sister/ guitarist, Kate Stewart, wife/ keyboardist Cara Stewart and drummer Chris Wirtalla eagerly await his response.

“Psych? Pop? Rock? I don’t know,” Stewart offers. “New classic rock is what
we have been calling it. Like new metal, but new right?”

The close-knit group of musicians, friends and family laugh from behind their coffee mugs.

Creeping Weeds’ journey began at Penn State, where Seitz and Pete Stewart became friends, and it was fueled by a passion for writing and performing.

The inability of the 5-piece band to identify with a genre for their sound hasn’t stopped them from playing shows across the country, from Boston to Des Moines, since 2004.

Rock icons like the Beatles and Neil Young are a very present inspiration and influence on the music Creeping Weeds produces. They released their second full-length    album,   See    Through,   in February.

“This feels much more like a cohesive record, at least to me, from front to back,” Seitz explains. “All the songs fit together because we sequenced it in a very deliberate way. Everything flows into each other to give a real feel to the album.”

See Through was produced partially in a Chinatown space that the band converted into a recording studio and partially in Pete Stewart’s home.

Because of the freedom allotted by the DIY recording process, the band was able to stretch their creative limbs and work song by song, making the album sound seamless and complete.

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