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Shy Boyz: “We Want to Take People on Emotional Journeys.”

June 30, 2017


The debut album from Philly’s eclectic, genre-blending crew Shy Boyz drops today, so we caught up with King SoloMon and Airyon Love from the band.

On one hand, this album sounds like you are messing with us. On the other, this sounds really groovy. Are you guys for real?

King SoloMon: I have no choice but to find a way to make the Shy Boyz successful because otherwise I’m dead inside and might as well kill myself. So to answer your question, yes we are deadly seriously about what we do.

Airyon Love: The album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. It doesn’t get more real than that.

Is there a theme for the album?

Airyon Love: Not consciously but there are several songs about children, sex and food. That’s kind of referenced in the album title because some people eat horses. It’s called 2 Horses (and 2 Naked Boys).

King SoloMon: Over ten years ago we discovered a mysterious painting in the trash near the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia. We used this painting as the cover for our album. It inspired the title track, “2 Horses (And 2 Naked Boys).”

We utilized some poetic license, because the painting only actually shows one naked boy. But we did start a postering campaign around the city to try to identify the actual artist who created the piece. If anyone reading this has any leads let us know. They can hit us up at

In the song “Small Meatball,” is the meatball a metaphor?

King SoloMon: No, we don’t deal in metaphors. We are always completely direct and literal in everything we do. The audience can read whatever they like into the lyrics, although we don’t appreciate that. We want our audience to take everything at face value. The song is kind of about what everyone fantasizes about doing with meatballs but either because of guilt or hunger they don’t go through with it.

Airyon Love: So there’s lines like “Small meatball, throw it at the wall” and “Small meatball, roll it down the hall.” We did want to reference some of our Philly Soul heroes in the song, which we did with the line “if you drop those balls on Rawls I’ll pull out my Voodoo dolls” in reference to the late great Lou Rawls.

How do you describe your sound?

King SoloMon: Bloop, bleep and blop.

We generally try to do songs/tunes with slick vocals and farty sounding guitars.

Each of the ten tracks has a very different sound. What’s happening here?

Airyon Love: Variety is the spice of life. We are strong believers in the buffet mentality … quantity over quality, etc. So, of course we want to take people on emotional journeys, have them travel from light to dark, etc. It’s all done very consciously and it’s backed up by marketing research. For example, the hot tempo in Vegas right now is 154 BPM, so we tried to use that tempo for one of the songs. But also we wanted to mix it up with other tempos.

King SoloMon: “2 Horses (and 2 Naked Boys)” is in the key of Gm and has a tempo of 91 BPM.

“Small Meatball” is in the key of C and has a tempo of 105 BPM.

“My Silver Daddy” is in the key of F# and has a tempo of 140 BPM.

And the other songs have other tempos and keys too.

What would be the perfect date night for one of the Shy Boyz?

Airyon Love: Well we have lots of Boyz in the band…King SoloMon, Airyon Love, Coke Shoulderz, Jimi Moon, RamaDom, Chef Dolce Vino, our poet Brian and our Illuminati Lecturer Cyti Gui. So this is a loaded question.

King SoloMon: For me, a perfect date would start at the shooting range and end at Donna’s Bar in Port Richmond for karaoke.

Airyon Love: But ultimately our dating preferences are private. What’s important is that we want people taking THEIR dates to OUR shows.

We have a bit in our live act where we encourage couples to say, “I Don’t Love You” to each other. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s actually quite therapeutic.

One time a guy came up to us after a show and said, ‘I came here with my fiance. We have 2 kids together. It’s a done deal – we’re together forever and you gave me my one chance to say, ‘I don’t love you’ without any consequences.’ We’ve had both men and women tell us this, so we just want to make people happy.

If the world was about to end, what kind of stuff would you get into?

King SoloMon: If I was in Philly for the end of the world, I’d definitely make sure I was at Sugarhouse Casino.

Airyon Love: They say you should live life to the fullest…you’ll never win unless you try, etc. That’s why we decided to send our album to Lady Gaga. She recently purchased Frank Zappa’s former home in Laurel Canyon in LA. So we sent her the CD and asked her to perform a seance to reach Frank Zappa and have him give his response to the album from the afterlife.

She hasn’t responded yet.

The release show is in about five weeks, right? How should we mentally prepare?

King SoloMon: Ya, August 5th at PhilaMOCA. It’s gonna be a banger. We ran into Bunny Sigler (the Philly Soul icon) at Shady Maple Smorgasboard on New Year’s Day in Lancaster County (we actually wrote a song about the experience, which will be on our next album). We dreamed of inviting him to perform with us at our album release show but unfortunately he’s been sick so he won’t be able to attend but he will be sorely missed.

Airyon Love: That won’t prevent us from pulling out all the stops. There will be plenty of special guests, prizes, surprises, nudity, food, etc.

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  1. Bill Hutzmeyer permalink
    June 30, 2017 3:07 pm

    Sorry but this band is not good. They came to the open mic night I run in Bucks County. They got in diapers, made a mess and freaked out my customers. I was scared about what they’d do next so I wouldn’t let them do another song.
    In addition to all that, I have to say that the music on this record is not good. Very immature and sloppily constructed. There are plenty of other Philly bands out there who deserve the exposure, why waste it on these guys.. I give the album a D-. The only reason it’s not an F is that the song titles don’t have swearwords in them, thank God.

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