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Milton: “I Just Work to Create an Experience for People to Relate to.”

June 21, 2017

We caught up with Milton, the genre-blending performer who was born in Italy, raised in DC, educated in Reading, PA and now calls Philly home. 

He’s opening for Jakubi at Boot & Saddle on Friday.

What’s up, Milton? Where’d you come from?

Nothing much, enjoying my chance at life.

I came from where everybody comes from – nowhere.

Initially I met Dan (Emmons, his manager), who introduced me to Rob Devious, who produced Simple Pleasures. During that time, I was in the Philly at ANY show, open mic, anything music related or recording three or four days a week.

I lived in Reading, PA  for school, 1.5 hours away from Philly. Through consistency, being professional and having an appreciation for everyone we met, things just started to connect for us.

You were born in Italy? How’d you wind up in Philly?

My parents were in the military, so I’ve moved around a bit.

Maryland is where I’ve been for the most part though. I got to Philly through music. I was told this is were a singer needs to be, so I went to a college not too far out and eventually found my way into the scene.

Do you think all the bouncing around has helped influence your music?

Absolutely. I feel it’s made me open to new cultures and willing to incorporate that in my sound/creative experience.  “Slippin Dippin” is a prime example. It’s based off a situation I experienced in my more diverse travels.  There is also little southern stank on it in appreciation for were I learned that side of life from.

How do you describe your sound? It seems to have an appreciation for past R&B and current hip-hop, but also very futuristic.

I think that description was pretty spot on. I appreciate the soul that old R&B had, with melodic instrumentation and sultry vocals.

On the other hand, I appreciate the energy and rawness in current hip hop.

All in all, I just work to create an experience for people to relate to, making music that lets them know there not the only one.

Does that genre-blending make it difficult to succeed in Philadelphia?

No, it allows me to be received by almost anyone. I feel I have something in my catalog for everybody and if you don’t like a song, you at least appreciate it.

What do you have coming up in the near future? Releases? Big shows?

A show at Boot and Saddle Friday June 23rd, a 45-min set as local support for Jakubi.

I’ll  also will be releasing new music through the summer with my new band Kontrolled Khaos and some solo work as well. I’ll be posting a lot about that.

What’s the experience of a Milton show? What should people expect at a live performance?

A live ass time (haha).

As a solo artist, I usually fit my show to the capabilities of the venue I am performing at.  The bigger the show, the bigger the band.

I am lucky enough to be accompanied on stage with some of the best musicians I have found from Maryland and Philly. The DMV will be represented by Footz on drums and Adam Lee on guitar (formerly of The Legendary Cloud 9). Philly will be in the building behind the keys and bass of Rob Deckhart, who people might know as Rob Devious, the producer for my album Simple Pleasures as well as some secret future releases.

When I hit the stage, I make it about the audience. It’s about bringing a experience, whether its with the visual, the sound, whatever. They leave  entertained.

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