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Logan Neubauer Wants To Get You Involved in Hardcore.

August 29, 2011

Logan Neubauer (above, fist-pumping) has been involved in Philadelphia’s DIY punk/hardcore scene since 2009. Besides singing and playing guitar in two local bands, Backslider and Gash, Neubauer, 23, books shows throughout the city, primarily in the cellars of fellow musicians and supporters. But Neubauer sees a future for his scene that goes beyond the basement.

Our Mary Kinsley spoke to Neubauer shortly before a hardcore show he organized at the D.B.A.J. (Don’t Be A Jerk) House in Point Breeze.

Why do you think it’s important to keep Philly’s punk/hardcore scene alive?

The city has potential to have a fucking great scene. Like every city, there are enthusiastic, creative individuals who can and do contribute to scene, and deserve an outlet for their frustration. It always bums me out when I meet someone in a sick band that’s had trouble finding shows or hospitality in Philly. I want to change that.

What’s your favorite part about organizing or running shows? Your least favorite?

I love having the opportunity to meet like-minded people, to share experiences and ideas with them. When I was younger one of my lifetime goals was to go on tour playing music, so it’s great to help people reach their goals.

As for the negative aspect, it’s endlessly frustrating to have to put up with excuses from people who simply don’t care, people who come to a show with a 6-pack claiming that they don’t have any money – even a donation – to give to a band on tour. Or people who will come to a show for the sole purpose of starting shit. It all can be summed up as a lack of respect and intelligence. Luckily, it seems like a lot of that is starting to clear up.

When did you begin your involvement with music? Why?

I started playing guitar when I was in the 5th or 6th grade. I didn’t really start playing in semi-productive bands until I was in high school. I was a frustrated loner, so I was drawn to punk and the idea of a style of music created by losers like myself.

What is the moment or experience in your musical career that stands out to you most? Why?

Luc Lemay of Gorguts bought a Backslider shirt at a show in NYC and wore it on stage at their show here. Their first album is one of my favorite death metal records, so that was a huge geek-out moment for me. We’ve been fortunate enough to play with some of our favorite bands (Plutocracy, Lack of Interest, Dropdead), as well as friends from all across the country.

What goals do you have in mind for the Philadelphia music scene?

I want more and more people to get involved, more bands to get up and running. I would like to see a collaborative venue come to fruition.

– Image by Mary Kinsley.

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