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The Super Friends: Da Rezarekt Show How Funk, Hip Hop and Rock & Roll Live in Harmony.

August 31, 2011

Text by Lauren Gordon. Image by G.W. Miller III.

Cramped around the small Grape Room stage in Manayunk, a sea of partially-popped collars, fedoras and tight T-shirts use the last few moments of downtime between sets to order their beers.

Then Da Rezarekt takes the stage.

Marisa “Guitar Grrrl” Salazar, petite and clad in an Avenged Sevenfold shirt, begins shredding a lick that could put members of the aforementioned band to shame. Puffy D Miller slides in with a smooth funk bass groove, his light-colored dreadlocks whipping around frantically. Derek “Supa Star Dar” Gallagher keeps the beat on drums, as his formally serene demeanor morphs into a burst of pulsating rhythm. Front man Supreem spits lyrics with such force in his deep, gravely voice that he already needs to shed his thick Sixers jersey.

The reactions in the crowd suddenly go from wary, creeping smiles to full-blown grins. Their light toe tapping turns into a full-blown dance celebration. The formerly aloof people wearing sunglasses indoors shamelessly break out their best dance moves.

The veteran hip hop/ funk/ rockers know how to get a party going.

“Everyone brings something to the table,” says Marisa, referring to her bandmates. “We’re like the Super Friends. Seriously, if you ate the same kind of foods every day, it starts to get on you. We bring a variety.”

Their sound is diverse enough that they can’t be pigeonholed.

“We bill ourselves as rock/ funk/ hip hop,” Supreem says after the Grape Room show. “I was thinking how that relates to our personalities: Marisa is the rock. Puff is the funk. I’m the hip-hop. And Dar is the pulse, the heartbeat of what keeps all the genres together. We formed our own musical genre by coming together.”

Supreem had been a member of the four-piece band Simple & Supreem, which dropped an album and started getting a loyal following before they broke up in 2006. Supreem never considered going solo.

“I had been in the game a long time,” Supreem. “When that broke up, I was like, ‘I can’t go back.’ Fans were showing up regularly at shows, singing the lyrics. Unless you’re Jay-Z or Jada, ain’t nobody singing your lyrics when you’re by yourself.”

After meeting Puffy through a mutual friend, Supreem and Puffy launched the new band. They experimented with a few line-ups before landing Marisa and Dar.

Then, the chemistry blossomed.

“Sometimes we practice in Puff’s basement and we just click,” Dar proudly boasts. “What happens is like magic.”

Da Rezarekt will release their album Bang Da Bricks this fall, most likely followed by a tour. They have a love for the road and they say they are ready to take their eclectic sound nationwide.

“We just do us,” Puffy explains simply. “We play what we love, the way we want to do it.”

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  1. LaTora Justice permalink
    September 3, 2011 1:18 am

    Supreem is a talented veteran when it comes to music, the band would be nothing but talented or should I say blessed to have such gregat musicans. The band reaches all generations, young and old. I am a fan of the bands music because their music uplifts my spirit as well has keep me energized throughout my day. I thank each and every band member for sharing knowledge of music. Excitingly because of their positive music I have a clearer understanding of life. Their music teaches inspirational lessons, such as when life gets hard know that their is a better tomorrow to look forward to just keep “banging the bricks” working hard towards a goal in life. TO THE BQND I LOVE AND IM PRAYING FOR U, U AINT SEEN NOTHING YET! THE BEST IS YET TO COME

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