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Meet Patty Crash, The Pop Star.

September 2, 2011

Text by Kevin Stairiker. Images by Marie Alyse Rodriguez, photographed at the Nicos Gun loft. Styling by Madison Rupert.

In a past episode of her hybrid web show/video blog, “The Adventures Of Patty Crash,” the titular heroine recounts her excitement about being featured on the Gym Class Heroes song “Drnk Txt Romeo.”

She then drives to Target and buys the album, if only so that she can see the effects of her just-blossoming success: her name in the liner notes as a featured artist alongside other guests such as Busta Rhymes and Daryl Hall.

That was three years ago.

Despite other guest appearances on songs by Tyga and The Roots, among others, there hasn’t been a full-release from the Iceland-native who has called Philly home since 2006. She’s been forever stuck in a sort of self-enforced development hell.

“I’m finally working on one now!” Patty says. “For the past five years, I’ve literally been jumping from genre to genre, trying everything to figure out what I want to do. I haven’t put anything out for that specific reason.”

Now she knows: Patty Crash wants to be a pop star.

She certainly has the demeanor of a pop star: charming, slightly outrageous, enormously energetic, seemingly always happy and driven to make sure that everyone knows her name.

With her newfound focus, famous friends and copious amounts of talent, she’s likely to blow up in a big way.

“I’m making an album right now that is insane,” she continues.

Her most recent song, the high-energy “Loop & Rewind” could fit in perfectly at the beginning of anyone’s late night party playlist. With the proper push, it could be right at home in the current pop landscape.

But, alas, one scorcher of a party song doesn’t a pop star make.

Patty says she has amassed more than one hundred unreleased songs over the last few years.

“My goal is to get a publishing deal and sell the songs for other people to sing,” she says. “They’re different genres and wouldn’t fit on the album.”

A student of music, Patty scrutinizes songwriting almost as someone would analyze language or interpret history.

“When I was growing up in Iceland, all we would get was Top 40 radio, so of course that’s all I listened to,” she says. “I must have ADD because I never really had the time to listen to whole albums.”

She absorbed what she heard, like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and she researched Kurt Cobain and his bandmates.

One of Patty’s biggest idols is Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, who inspires both Patty’s music and her wardrobe. A collaboration would be a dream come true, she says. For now, she’ll channel Love during her set at the upcoming Popped! Festival at FDR Park in South Philly.

“It’s my first show in a while,” she says. “The last time I had a show I was crawling on the floor screaming with loud guitar all over the place. This time I have two dancers and DJ Suga Shay backing me up. It’s gonna be sweet!”

When the subject of her YouTube show comes up, Patty is excited but is quick to point to how YouTube and the Internet have changed music in the past few years. While the Internet has invaluably helped thousands of artists such as herself become established, she feels it has led to the gradual disappearance of local scenes and regional identities, especially here in Philly.

“The Internet’s changed things so much,” she says. “Scenes aren’t happening like they used to. I think the last time there was one here was with Spank Rock. It’s time for some new shit!”

She releases an infectious laughter. Then it all becomes pretty clear: Patty Crash is trying to start “some new shit.”

And really, who’s going to stand in her way?

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Dowload Patty’s latest single for free here:

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