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Vox Populi: Bringing Music & Art Together.

September 5, 2011

Text by Christopher Brown. Image by Eliza Morse.

Vox Populi, the art gallery in Chinatown North, recently launched a new performance space, AUX, allowing them to intertwine art, music and dance into a multi-dimensional experience.

“We hope the new space will function as a continuous testing ground for local artists and musicians,” says Greg Rossi (above), program director at Vox. “Billing music and performance art together is part of this experimentation and we hope to generate a dialogue between these worlds that isn’t always active in other venues.”

The space was filled to capacity – around 70 people – during each of the three nights of the official opening in July. The christening included a long string of multi-disciplinary and experimental performances, including dancers, musicians and artists of various disciplines.

“Philadelphia has a thriving, vibrant performance scene,” says Becky Hunter, Vox Populi’s press officer. “There’s clearly audience demand for more crossover between art, music and dance.”

The performance area was built in part with a $30,000 Creative Industry Workforce Grant.

Vox Populi is located at 319 N 11th Street. Check Vox Populi’s website for show schedules. Most events will be free, all-ages and open to the public.


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