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Emily Pukis Sells Pistachios at the Stadium.

October 4, 2011

The Philadelphia Inquirer discovered that Emily Youcis, of Emily Pukis and the Vagrants, is a pistachio vendor at Phillies games. We profiled Emily and her bandmate Leanne Mertz in the fall issue of JUMP.

This is from the Inquirer:

Pistachio Girl knows nothing about baseball. She wouldn’t know Cliff Lee from Bruce Lee, honestly. The game is merely the backdrop to her own theater each night. The only players she knows or cares about are relievers Mike Stutes and Antonio Bastardo.

During the summer, on warm nights, when the mood in the ballpark is more playful, casual, she will yell down to the bullpen, “Hey, Cutesy Stutesy, want some nuts?” This sends the fans wild in Section 102. They love the show, and of course this helps with sales.

“She yells out my name every day,” Stutes said in an interview before the playoffs. “I have no idea why . . . I’m sitting there and I can always hear, so I wave back at her. I don’t think it would be very nice if I ignored her.”

This is from the fall issue of JUMP:

In April, a local baseball blogger discovered that his pistachio vendor at Phillies games, Youcis, is also an irreverent artist and musician. He warned his readers to avoid buying pistachios from her due to her “creepy and disturbing” off duty activities.

  1. October 9, 2012 8:02 am

    I once bought pistachios from her and I had diarrhea for SIX days. They tastes like grime but I kept eating them because I wanted to get her number. In the end she told me to stop buying her nuts because she wasn’t going to see my nuts and I informed her that even though we would not be together now or ever, i would always remember the way her nuts rolled around in my mouth.


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