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The Young Werewolves: Howling Good.

March 15, 2012

Text and images by Bianca Crespo.

The Young Werewolves growl out contagious rhythms. Just an earful will have you hooked.

Bassist Shewolf Dana Kain, guitarist Wolfman Nick Falcon and drummer Jonny Wolf have been spewing out dark, Munster-esque psychobilly rock since 2002.

Each of the musicians rose from the night on the eerie streets of the city and took the music scene by their ferocious paws, stumbling into each other along the way.

“I was somewhat notorious for my exploits as a teenage graffiti writer,” Falcon says. “And I played in some punk groups growing up in West Philly.”

Then he joined the Army and left town. When he returned, he put an ad in the paper looking for bandmates. Jonny Wolf answered. He had been toiling in the service industry.

“I had a stellar barbacking career,” Wolf notes. “And I also moonlit as a secret agent from Transylvania.”

Kain had studied visual arts but it left her unfulfilled. “Then, I discovered that I love music,” she says. When she booked a gig for the trio at a bar in Northeast Philly as The Young Werewolves, the band was officially born.

Their shows are loud and theatrical, with the three dressed in dark, matching garb. They’ve always loved that brief encounter on stage with the adrenaline monster feasting on their musical souls. But they’ve also released three albums and they’re slowly crafting the next.

“We’ve started throwing some new song ideas around the practice room,” Kain says. “We’re going to try to flesh out a new recording, most likely a 2013-14 release.”

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