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BiTBY: No Alternative Monday With Bridge Underwater, Market East and Spirit Animal.

May 2, 2012

Text by Rachel Barrish. Images by Scott McClennen.

Our friends at Bands in the Backyard hosted their monthly No Alternative 90’s video party at Silk City Diner on Monday night. VJ Davideotape played favorites from the 90’s ranging from Bjork to Alice in Chains.

The videos went on pause when Bridge Underwater (right) took the stage. The indie/experimental duo has been playing together for more than seven years. During their set they focused on sharing some more recent releases, including “Take a Piece of Me.” The two find an interesting way to combine pre-recorded bass with heavy live drumming and sweet vocals.

When they finished up, the videos continued to stream while Market East (top image) began to set up for their set. This is a band that you imagine listening to on the radio in your 1957 Chevy. The dudes take influences from 50’s doo-wop melodies to incorporate into their modern pop style.

When I got to speak to them before the show, they told me that they are all about strong vocals. Boy, were they not kidding around. All three of their voices flowed together so well. And even with a small crowd, the energy in the room was palpable.

“I just wanna take my shirt off,” said lead singer of Spirit Animal (below) as they took their spot on stage as the last act of the night. The post-grunge rockers began head banging and screaming their song “I don’t care,” ending the evening on a killer high note.

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