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Jessi Teich @ The Roots Picnic.

June 5, 2012

Day two of The Roots Picnic was heavy with hip-hop, rap and electronica.

But the opening act on the main stage (aside from afroDJiak spinning to the early arrivals) was the soulful, Philly-based balladeer, Jessi Teich.

While she has played on stages around the region, few things could have prepared her for the experience of the huge crowd and the giant stage (with an amazing view of the Ben Franklin Bridge off in the distance).

But Teich handled the situation like a pro, bantering with the crowd between belting out songs, including a few from her debut album, Barely There. She was charming, flirtatious and confident, and she engaged the audience – many of whom seemed to be at the picnic to see an entirely different style of music.

After her performance, she received loud applause and at least one person screamed, “I love you!”

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