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Ruben Polo: Emo Isn’t A Bad Word.

June 11, 2012

Our Elizabeth Price sits down with Ruben Polo, a guitarist with Facts, the 90’s era emo-style band, and post-hardcore/emo band Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe. Photo by Rachel Wass.

Where are you from Ruben?

I’m originally from north-central New Jersey. I got lucky. I came up with bands from the New Brunswick screamo scene – The Assistant, You & I, Thursday. Most of the shows I went to were at a small club called Chrome in Perth Amboy.

When did Facts get together?

We started out of an old band I was in called Down, BEAST! There’s Brian Mach on drums, Douglass Horn on bass, Eric Picard plays guitar and Will Dickerson is our singer. We’ve been going strong since August.

You guys are recording right now, correct?

We finished up recording the full-length last month (March). Now we’re just waiting for the mixing and mastering to be done, which we’re doing ourselves. Dan Anderson, from my other band Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe, has a background in mastering. He and I are going to put it out on vinyl through his Philly-based label, Kat Kat Records. This is Facts’ first full-length and we’re likely to have another EP done by the end of the year.

You shamelessly describe your two bands as emo. Do you see anything unique about the trajectory of the genre?

Oh yeah. Even little things like The Barbary doing Makeoutclub – the ad says in bold letters “EMO.” It definitely depends which generation you grew up in, and how you view the tag. To me the Cap’n Jazz scene got big here, about four or fives years ago. Algernon Cadwallader is a good example. It became a lot easier to do an almost emo/pop-punk that can get very loud and abrasive but still have very pretty guitars. It became fun again.

What do you like about the Philly music scene on the whole?

That if you put your ear to the ground, you can find a good show almost any night. There’s always something to do, and that really helps touring bands as well.

Have you always been based out of the Kensington-Port Richmond area?

I wish. I love it out here because no one can find me! All of my friends live in other parts of the city and they never want to come to Port Richmond because they’re scared of it. So, no one bothers me. And I have an excuse to not hang out!

Your house now, it has a name and you do shows out of it, correct?

Yes. TWOB-House, The Wrath of Bong. We’ve been doing shows on-and-off there for two years. It was great until a show in December got shut down. I did one more show in January and then called it quits for a while. Now, since I’m leaving (to tour) in three months I decided, fuck it. We’ll just stay until the cops show up.

You’re touring the country this summer with Secret Plot. Any shows here before you leave?

We’re trying to set it up. That band hit the ground running. We formed in November, toured in December. We put out a demo after four practices. Now, we just finished recording the drums for the full-length. I’m just trying to finish living out my stupid kid-in-the-van dream that I’ve had in my heart since I was a little kid. I’m giving myself until I’m 28. I’m 26 now. Just so I can say, “I’ve seen the country and played in someone’s basement in Utah.” Then I can go back and become, like, a normal person.

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