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Unpaid Intern Maddy’s Weekly Rehash: Frantic Philly Style.

August 13, 2012

Every Monday, JUMP intern Maddy Court scours the blogosphere for musical rumblings and other fun stuff. Enjoy!

With the exception of North Philly’s Jazz on the Ave. festival on Saturday, this weekend was a particularly frantic one for Philly. There was so much going on. I think people realized that there are only two or three weekends left of summer.

After recording some acoustic sets for Time Out New York, Braid played Union Transfer on Friday night.
Warren A. Miller IV knows what’s up.

Semi-related story: one time my brother met Conor Oberst and he’s exactly like how you’d think Conor Oberst would be.

The 6th annual This Is Hardcore fest exploded at Union Transfer and the Electric Factory from Thursday to Sunday. It was violent, rough and intense. Intern Bree confirms that people exited the floor with black eyes and shoe prints on their foreheads. On Saturday, some of the food trucks ran out of food. And since there was no re-entry, attendees were forced into cannibalism.

Actually, most just didn’t eat. But they did complain.

Even worse, an Iron Maiden sweater vest also made an appearance.

(Image stolen from Sean Agnew’s facebook page).

If you missed the festivities because you couldn’t get tickets, check out the official festival photos here or mosey around the This Is Hardcore tag on Tumblr for a while.

Girls Rock Philly, a summer camp that empowers area girls to express themselves through rock music, held their summer showcase on Saturday morning at the World Cafe Live. The girls, ages 9-17, are split into bands and spend all week preparing their performances for the showcase. My friend Laura is an intern there and her Tumblr’s been pretty wacky lately.

So this is the end of my final Weekly Rehash. Soon I have to leave JUMP and head back to school on the lameline. I’m too sad though because there are some good things about summer ending e.g. that metallic smell will disappear from South Philly, at least until next year, and we’ll all be able to walk around without feeling like hot sweaty death.

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