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Intern Matthew’s Weekend Picks: The Weekend To Rage All Weekend Long.

October 4, 2012

Well, here we are again, folks. Intern Matthew Albasi coming at you with the weekend’s musical highlights. Friday night is fast approaching and this weekend will be filled with great events. There are some shows going on that you’ve probably already heard about like Matt & Kim and, of course, ZZ Top. But those aside, we’ve got some weekend-long festivals and a bitchin’ house show to keep you busy if you can’t afford those $50 Ben Folds Five tickets.


Frightened Rabbit and Flashlights at Johnny Brenda’s

If you were lucky enough to scoop up tickets to see the Scottish indie rockers Frightened Rabbit then you will surely receive the ire of many turned-away fans. But revel in it. If you didn’t get tickets, maybe you can just dance on Girard Avenue.

City Bisco Late Night at The Blockley

Do you hate to sleep? Well, we have an event for you! After Disco Biscuits, RJD2 and Diplo get done partying at the Mann Center, the party continues at The Blockley. City Bisco is a multi-day, multi-stage festival but after the lights go down at Fairmount Park, everything moves to The Blockley and rages on until six in the morning. LTJ Bukem, the man who redefined electronic music, will be spinning breakbeats with the likes of Abakus and BioDiesel.


Moon Duo, Lantern and Music for Headphones at Kung Fu Necktie

God, this is going to be an awesome show. To begin with, you’ve got two amazing local bands. Music for Headphones always pleases with their post-punk tunes. Lantern is the embodiment of all things Rock (that’s with a capital R, folks). And for headliners you have Moon Duo, a psychedelic rock group that spun off from Wooden Shjips.

Leithgow Oktoberfest! at The Fire

Another multi-day, multi-stage concert on the other end of the musical spectrum. This one is more DIY than untz-untz-untz. Starting outside at 2pm, bands like The Circadian Rhythms and Store Cats will be playing the outside stage along with a bunch of craft vendors and other attractions. By 9pm the party will move inside for more bands like TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb and L.U.N.A.R Revolt.

City Bisco Late Night at The Blockley. Day 2

Same hours, new bands. The party continues in West Philly with Damn Right!, Horizon Wireless and more.


Mayflower, Prevenge and Pretty Bullshit at The Treehouse

If you feel like winding down with a bit of punk rock in a basement, than head over to The Treehouse for three awesome bands. Mayflower and Pretty Bullshit are coming down from New York to grace us with their head banging punk noise. Prevenge rounds out the bill with some Canadian punk rock flavor.

Leithgow Oktoberfest! at The Fire. Day 2

The second day of this fest kicks off the same way as the first. There are a bunch of rocking bands outside, like Chalk & The Beige Americans, Sweetbriar Rose and Reverend TJ McGlinchey. When the sun sets the music continues inside with Hott Tubb and WyldLyfe.

So, this weekend is kind of like the Ironman Triathalon of music. In theory you could jump from show to show and spend a grand total of sixteen hours all weekend without music. Without music and sleep, that is. Let me know if any of you complete this amazing feat. Keep it ugly, Philly. See you soon with my review of The We Shared Milk.

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