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November Tuesday Tune-Out Series: Chalk & The Beige Americans, The Astronauts, Blonde Gang, DJ Lisa Love and The National Rifle.

November 5, 2012

Tuesday 11/6

Chalk & The Beige Americans

This month, we’re hosting the great music and movies series at PhilaMOCA. If all goes well, by the time we start the party, the presidential election will be over (the voting at least) and the world will return to normal. No more annoying campaign advertisements on TV means I can actually turn my TV back on. Whew.

To celebrate, we invited Chalk & The Beige Americans to perform. These guys have a great Philly sound – full of funk and soul, though they can’t easily be classified in a musical genre. It’s definitely a groove, and the band is known for improvising, jazz-like, during performances. They selected the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which we’ll watch immediately after the performance.

Tuesday 11/13

The Astronauts

We found these guys last year after they did this video/song with Chill Moody.  The bass line was so addictive and the rhyme style so old school. Listen to the lyrics and you hear that these guys just love hip-hop.

The Astronauts are actually a collective, with Pace-O Beats and Mont Brown as the principals. Pace and Mont are just a couple of smart kids from Southwest Philly. They named themselves after Guy Bluford, a West Philly native who overcame many obstacles and became the first African-American astronaut to enter space.

It’s hard not to root for these guys. The film we’ll present on this night is Tailor Made: The Bucky Davis Story. It’s a locally-produced documentary about Mont’s father, who was involved in Philly’s ultra-violent drug cartel, the Junior Black Mafia.

Tuesday 11/20

Blonde Gang & DJ Lisa Love

This is our official winter issue launch party and we’re thrilled to have Blonde Gang, the issue’s cover artists, performing.  These guys are another collective and their styles run the gamut – from dance tracks to more rap-oriented hip-hop. When these guys perform though, things get wild. They are bright and colorful and they get the crowd into the action.

DJ Lisa Love is a longtime DJ who spins and scratches like the old days. And she’s a great story – a Southwest Philly girl who overcame struggles and went on to DJ for the likes of Jill Scott, LL Cool J, Musiq Soulchild and others. She also runs a DJ school, and she’ll bring one of her young protégés to spin.

This will be your chance to grab a copy of the winter issue of JUMP, which is loaded with good stuff. It’s our annual visual issue and we have stories about Keith Greiman from Prowler, DJ PHSH, Harsh Vibes, The Downtown Club, Sunny Ali & The Kid, DJ Damage,  Modern Inventors, Band Name, Norwegian Arms, Tutlie and much, much more.

We’ll be presenting Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, so you really have four reasons to attend.


Tuesday 11/27

The National Rifle

These guys recently recorded a new album, set to drop in late January. They’re an indie rock band, I guess, but their music is all over the place. Some of their newer stuff has a real 80s post-punk feel, which is pretty awesome. Everything they do is loaded with energy and you will dance.

In addition to showing the cult classic The Warriors, we’ll also be presenting two episodes of the locally produced Sadie, a web series produced by Nicole Agostino. The show features a young woman who sneaks into music shows around Philly and stumbles across adventures, romantic and otherwise. Most of the soundtrack for the show features local artists.

All shows begin around 8:00. There is a $5 recommended donation for the good folks at PhilaMOCA.

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