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Laser Background, Spanish Prisoners and Avery Rosewater @ Kung Fu Necktie.

February 8, 2013

LaserBackground020713aAndy Molholt, the frontman for Laser Background, announced to the crowd at Kung Fu Necktie last night that the relatively new band is working on new tracks for a forthcoming album.

“We love your tracks, Andy,” a woman yelled from the crowd.

“We love you too, audience member,” Andy replied.

That level of familiarity ran throughout the night. Andy’s pal Eric Slick (and Eric’s girlfriend Nicky Devine) DJed between acts. Andy’s other pal (and Eric’s Norwegian Arms bandmate) Brendan Mulvihill was in the crowd, along with members of The War on Drugs and Purling Hiss.

Avery Rosewater, who opened for Purling Hiss and The War on Drugs on New Year’s Eve, opened last night, followed by Spanish Prisoners.

“You’re awesome, Kevin,” someone from the crowd yelled to two of the four members of Avery Rosewater (Kevin Comly and Kevin Kearney).

“Thanks Mrs. Comly,” Kevin Kearney replied to the mother of his bandmate.

It was one of those nights. And that’s an awesome thing.LaserBackground020713b


Spanish Prisoners


Avery Rosewater

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