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This is Hardcore 2013 with Intern Bree: Day 1.

August 9, 2013



It may have been a regular Thursday night for some, but for hardcore kids near and far, tonight was the kick off for This is Hardcore 2013, the biggest, most anticipated, annual hardcore fest in the country which runs from August 8th-11th at the Electric Factory.

The night started with the band Truth, and from their it was smooth sailing with bands like Striking Distance, Cold World, Black Train Jack and Kill Your Idols (if you missed this, I’m sorry, sincerely!!!) but the most anticipated set was the topper of the evening – Kid Dynamite‘s last Philly show. It is sad to see them leave but great that they went out raging. They played pretty much every song, and the crowd sang everything with them verbatim. Andy West even came in for some guest vocals. It was really something special to see. As we were leaving, you could overhear everyone saying how excited they were to have just seen that set (if you check out our Instagram @jumpphilly we have some videos for you there…. there’s some pretty fantastic stage dives too).

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet for the weekend don’t worry! You can still buy some at the box office. This is Hardcore has plenty of food trucks, such as Rival Bros. and if you got a sweet tooth Little Baby’s Ice Cream is there as well. There was even rumor of a pulled pork french fry po’ boy… there’s also a bag check, a bar, places to sit yourself down… what else do you need? Honestly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be here. Don’t miss out on great bands like Judge, Gwar, Negative Approach, and much, much more. Come on down the Electric Factory and get your stage dive on!

Keep an eye out for me and my trusty sidekick Kate as we rally up some candids and impromptu interviews throughout the rest of the weekend. Keep your eye to the Blog! See you there!

-Intern Bree 

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