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This is Hardcore 2013 with Intern Bree: Day 2.

August 10, 2013

DSC_0519Text by Bree Wood. Images by Kate Bodnar.

If you’re as exhausted as I am, you were at This is Hardcore 2013 tonight and you had a kick-ass time. Friday night is the traditional kick-off to the Fest, and there was no better way to start than with Rock Bottom‘s set. Even though it was only 5PM on a Friday, it was a packed house even with the rain. Rock Bottom’s momentum transcended into the next couple of sets and only got more intense when Incendiary took the stage. It just gets even wilder from there.

I think what most people will remember about tonight is the Bane Pizza Party. Joe Hardcore had posted a photo before the Fest offering pizza for numerous amounts of ‘Likes’ on their photo. The goal was reached and three songs into the set, the pizza flew.  It starts off like a bad joke where the Noid, the 80’s Pizza Hut mascot, and a viking walk into a Fest… and it starts raining pizza. Cheesy, gooey slices were flying from all directions. Used pizza boxes became frisbees. The bass player even offered his pre-chewed slice to the crowd directly from his mouth. We just wanted to know how anyone was going to mosh for Ramallah without slipping on copious amounts of pizza grease… but it happened, and that happened, and it was fine.

As usual, Blacklisted killed it and everyone was extremely happy to join right in. The most important thing about the set was in fact not the music, but a message. George made it a point to confirm the strength and friendship of hardcore community and brought the room together.

If you missed Modern Life is War…I don’t know what to tell you. If you got a chance to see Modern Life is War, I hope you made it out alive. The crowd was actually insane to watch, it was like an ocean of bodies crashing up on the stage, spilling on to the band.

Check out our Instagram to see some live action from Incendiary, Ramallah and Modern Life is War.

Jump has a tradition. The front page of every Jump Off section in our quarterly magazine has an artist we cover getting some air. Instead of traditional candid shots or show shots, we decided this year to put the people to work and make them jump at This is Hardcore. As if they weren’t tired enough from moshing or standing for hours on end, we got them to do it anyway, and also tell us why they love This is Hardcore.

Check back tomorrow for Day 3 coverage as more “Jumpers” make their blog debut. This is Hardcore 2013 runs from August 8th-11th at the Electric Factory. Tickets are still available for each day at the door.


Jon Martello (Rock Bottom): “The bands. The food. The camaraderie.”


Brittany & Mistin from Doylestown, PA: “We get to hang out, see lots of bands, and support our men. It’s a great time!”


Drew from State College, PA: “Catching up with friends from out of the area I don’t usually get to see.”


Pat from Pottstown, PA: “The opportunity to see people I only see a couple times a year.”


Jonathan and Ryan from West Chester, PA: “We get to see great music and spread awareness for the Claddagh Fund.”


Phil from Marlborough, MA: “Rock Bottom and Ramallah!”

Keith from Lansdale, PA and Jess from Philadelphia, Jess "it's like a family reunion being in a band you meet a lot of people it's a big reunion" Keith " mosh pit mosh pit all out war mosh pit" From lansdale and phillyPA: "

Keith from Lansdale, PA: “Mosh pit, most pit, All Out War, mosh pit!” and Jess from Philadelphia: “It’s like a family reunion… being in a band you meet a lot of people.”


Pinups for Pitbulls: “Spreading awareness.”


Caitlin (Harvcore Records) from West Chester, PA: “Bands and hanging out with all the people. A place you can use mouthwash in public!” Paul from West Chester, PA: “Food is a major reason but the bands… obviously!”

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