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Jessie Ware @ The TLA.

November 4, 2013

JessieWare4Text by Kathy Li. Images by Luong Huynh.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Friday evening than at the Theater of the Living Arts with Denitia and Sene and Mikky Ekko opening for the lively and lovely Jessie Ware.

The venue filled slowly, such that when Brooklyn based Denitia and Sene started the night, it felt like they were a cool gem secretly performing for a small group of people who were lucky enough to have decided to arrive on time.

Mikkey Ekko then took over the stage to enthusiastic cheers (especially from the ladies) and captivated the audience with an emotionally intense performance. Ekko closed with the anticipated rendition of “Stay,” which he described as “a song [he] wrote for a beautiful girl named Rihanna.”

By this time, the crowd’s enthusiasm was already palpable. But when Jessie Ware walked on stage, her liveliness brought the excitement and dance party to a new level.

From playfully chastising the overly PDA couple in the corner to acknowledging a local writer, Jessie Ware connected with her audience on a personal level. She even gave a special shout-out to a fan who attended her first Philly concert back in January this year. He recognized her when she was purchasing something from a local store and she spontaneously invited him to that evening’s show. After telling this story, Ware said that performing in Philly is like returning to a city with old friends.

Ware’s electrifying performance and personal charm made an enjoyable, memorable evening. Here’s to hoping Jessie Ware returns to Philly sooner rather than later. She’s got another Philly fan in me.

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