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Revolution, I Love You @ The North Star Bar.

December 3, 2013

RILY_NSB_DarraghDandurand_05Text and images by Darragh Dandurand.

Friday night had a chill in the air but that did not scare away the fans of Revolution, I Love You, an indie duo whose sound is infused with licks of pop and beats of hip-hop and electronica. After three opening bands, R,ILY climbed on stage at the North Star Bar, carefully stepping around the sea of cables and candy-colored gear strategically placed around their feet. Separated by two tables also covered in laptops, sound boards, mixers and synthesizers, Rob Lindgren and Jason Reynolds took only a moment to hook up their guitars before ripping into the first song of a full set list.

The show, a release for their new single, “A Sounds That Rattles All Our Hearts At Once,” is a preview to prepare for the upcoming drop of their EP, The Atlantic Ocean. The band has been working on the finishing touches for the release but played the live versions with just as much energy out of the recording booth as in. Lindgren swung back and forth, the bandana around his neck barely keeping up with his head. With eyes closed, he melodically sang the lyrics to each song as Reynolds kicked his feet up and jumped with the beat he was pulling from the strings of his guitar.

By the time the two wrapped up their set and the show with it, sweat was welling up on their brows as they bent down to high five and shake the hands of friends and fans alike. Lit by the overhead lights and the glow of a good show, Revolution, I Love You started the weekend off right.

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