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Phantogram @ Union Transfer.

December 9, 2013

phantogram (40 of 40)Text and images by Grace Dickinson.

On tour in preface to their soon-to-be-released sophomore album, Phantogram sold out Union Transfer on Saturday.

“We’re not supposed to sing this one but fuck it,” said singer Sarah Barthel before moving into one of that album’s tracks, “Howl at the Moon.” “It’s about singing to the moon in the desert.”

Whether truly off limits to the public or not, the novelty felt real as the New York duo, along with two touring members, played through several yet-to-be-released songs. They also moved through older hits, like “Don’t Move” and “When I’m Small,” all set to the backdrop of a crazy electric light show.

Phantogram showed to be a band of few words but one that rocked the stage hard. A non-stop dance performance sent Barthel’s hair constantly bouncing above her head and an energy into the audience that made the whole venue move. This, along with the lights, made the show speak for itself.

Another New York duo, Weeknight, opened up the night, followed by UK-based producer Pete Lawrie Winfield under the name of Until the Ribbon Breaks. Winfield kicked things off with a Tegan and Sara DJ remix and then jumped to some originals. He too brought a visually stimulating performance that at one point included pole dancers projected on screen behind him.

Following their Philly show, both Until the Ribbon Breaks and Phantogram headed to NYC before parting ways. Phantogram will now make there way to Mexico for a performance later this week.

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