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New Legacy Enterprises Holiday Showcase @ Kung Fu Necktie, Featuring Voss, City Rain, Brick + Mortar and More.

December 27, 2013

12.21.13_KFN_NLEHoliday_Voss_DarraghDandurand_03Text and images by Darragh Dandurand.

From mid-afternoon until midnight, Kung Fu Necktie was filled with fans for every genre last Saturday. New Legacy Enterprises held their second annual holiday showcase and brought the party to the people. From rock to rap and electronica-filled sets, act after act jumped on stage and pumped up the little venue underneath the El.

Many of the groups to perform were rappers, including Voss (above), Milton, Skrewtape and Kim Jong Ill. In the spirit of holiday cheer, the rappers shared each other’s beats and, within their rhymes, complimented just as much as they dissed one another. When Voss and Kim Jong Ill both hit the stage, fans flocked to the front of the room and screamed the lyrics back at the rappers with fervor and spit flying from their mouths. The rappers alternated between the stage and the floor, frequently jumping into the crowd and singing directly to their growing entourage.

Up next was Revolution, I Love You, playing some new tunes from their recent release. As usual, the duo energetically moved with the rhythms they made on stage, swaying back and forth to the guitar’s grind and melting pulses from their synths. Singer Rob Lindgren jumped between his guitar, the microphone and the piano on his right and made the audience try to keep up.

City Rain, another electric pair, climbed on stage immediately afterward and turned up the energy. Frontman Ben Runyan ran around stage like a flash of hipster light, the tails of his tweed jacket flying about him. Bouncing from the edge of the stage to his keyboard, Runyan was practically exhaling the beat, at one point even getting to his knees to belt out the lyrics to “Join The Human Race.”

Closing out the show was Brick + Mortar, two rockers from the other side of the river. Brandon Asraf, the singer and guitarist of the band, had the crowd screaming in unison as he flipped his hair around and spun his guitar during solos. Drummer John Tacon dripped with sweaty enthusiasm by the time the end of the set rolled around. The Ashbury Park natives pulled fans from multiple cities to cram into the bottle cap-sized room, but left everyone deaf and high off some good, old rock and roll.

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