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Yuna @ World Cafe Live.

February 6, 2014

Yuna16Text and images by Brianna Lopez.

Although many have yet to hear the beautiful tunes of Malaysian singer and song writer Yuna, she is an artist you will be lucky to discover.

Her delicate, yet positive and thought-provoking music lured a diverse yet, excited crowd to the World Cafe Live Tuesday. With her head dressed in a red scarf, Yuna approached the stage with a darling smile on her face as the crowd cheered her on.

The crowd calmly turned their cheers to silence as Yuna’s voice – strong, yet delicate, vulnerable, yet conquering – began to fill the air. She swayed on stage as she blew away the crowd with her velvety singing and world beats.

After the first song, Yuna expressed how beautiful a city Philadelphia was. The crowd cheered even more. She continued to sing and all eyes remained on her the entire time. A woman to the far right of the stage shouted out, “Go old school,” just as Yuna jumped into her cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ About You.”  She continued on as her audience again remained in tuned. She jokingly said, “Hey everyone, this is the last song.”

Everyone sighed and she announced, “Just kidding.” Everyone broke out in laughter.

As Yuna wrapped up her set and thanked us all for coming out, a burst of applause showed the gratitude of the crowd. She was loved and appreciated, and those who had the opportunity to witness her that night, left home a better and more positive person. Yuna is a representation of just that.
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