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Baa Ram Ewe: The Odd Squad.

February 12, 2014

Text by Shauna Bannan. Images by Michael Bucher. Video by Rick Kauffman and Tim O’Donnell.

Baa Ram Ewe isn’t just that chant from the movie about a pig. It’s a sister act between Meghan and Maura Filoromo, two 20-somethings from West Philadelphia who took their love for an underrated, selfless Babe and turned it into a power-pop ensemble.

“It’s whimsical,” says Meghan under a smile. “It’s fun to say and it sticks out.”

The sisters have been writing and performing together since the ripe ages of 10 and 6. They may have changed their name from The Odd Squad, Oak Oak Okay and Dear Deer, but they are keen to continue the traditional theme of internal woes and worries.

“We write a lot about not knowing what we’re doing and portray that in a way that’s interesting,” Meghan says.

And interesting they are. Aside from collecting field recordings of dripping water and dismembered construction sites, Maura plays the keyboard and dabbles with a guitar. Meghan hits away at the drums, glockenspiel and her homemade instruments. To create tambourine-like apparatuses, the young artist fills heart-shaped chocolate boxes and empty pill bottles with keys and organic materials like bits of pine cones, acorns and pine needles.

It was a mere two years ago when the girls first hit the stage after years of practice at the Girls Rock Philly studio space and in Meghan’s lounge room. The sisters premiered live at Old City Coffee.

“We were too loud,” Meghan says with a laugh before offering a kind-hearted, “Whoops.”

Loud is the essence of Baa Ram Ewe, which is a meld of punk and pop, influenced by the Ramones, Beatles, Beach Boys and Beirut.

Last summer, the duo hit the West Coast for their first short-length tour, which Maura refers to as a “tourcation.” They only played three shows – in Portland, Long Beach and San Francisco – but the sisters agree that the tour was valuable.

“One thing we were able to do was become more relaxed with playing live,” Maura says. “We just got more comfortable with saying, ‘OK. We’re ready. Let’s go.’”

The girls continue to reminisce about their tourcation and the positive reception they encountered, which they really appreciate.

“You can kind of say it’s this cute thing these sisters are doing, but they’re really great at it and you can tell they’re sincere and love what they do,” says the girls’ friend Andrew Keller. “It’s conscious and symbolic pop about serious issues and it just works.”

Though the band doesn’t have any shows for the future on the books, fellow musicians and friends of Baa Ram Ewe have been known to ask them to join in performing at Philadelphia cafés and bars. And until then, the girls plan to record more songs and go with flow of things.

“We can’t end,” says Meghan. “We’re family.”

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