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Winter Blackout Tour, with The Expendables and Bong Hits for Jesus and More @ The Troc.

February 17, 2014

Expendables_1Text by Gabi Chepurny. Images by Jesse Marass.

Valentine’s Day at The Troc involved some weird ska/punk/reggae fusion, a good deal of dancing and the aroma of marijuana.

The 2014 Winter Blackout Tour opened up with Bong Hits For Jesus, a Philly/Jersey band with a self-proclaimed Southern California sound that matched the rest of the bands on this tour. Lead singer Stephen Rose began with night by saying, “Welcome to your Friday night party,” and made sure to include some Sublime lyrics while also singing, “Lemme get a bong hit!”

Five-piece Seedless took to the stage to spout their love for Philly. Telling the crowd that it’s been three years – and three years too long – since they last played in the city, the band couldn’t have been happier to be back. Their fast guitars and smooth vocals really got things started considering this was right around the time the entire place started smelling like weed.

Stick Figure’s pet dog, Cocoa, who was present during their entire set might have stolen the show. Throughout their time on stage, Cocoa lay in front of the drum kit with an over-sized, plush chew toy as the tour dog’s owners delighted fans with a multi-colored light show and enough smoke and fog to hot box the entire stage, as if it were possible.

Headliners The Expendables brought their weird and totally likeable mix of ska, punk, reggae and metal, giving fans every reason to dance one second and mosh the next. In honor of the holiday, they played “Bowl for Two,” which they aptly called their Valentine’s Day song.

Lead singer Geoff Weers told the crowd they seemed like a positive group of people, while drummer Adam Patterson made sure to tell us that Philly was the best stop on the tour.

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