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Marian Hill @ Boot and Saddle.

February 27, 2014

MarianHill (5 of 11)Text and images by Grace Dickinson.

Philly-based Marian Hill played their first ever show at Boot and Saddle on Tuesday. Their debut EP Play comes out next week, March 4th, from which they’ve already released several songs online.

The catchy, electro-R&B singles they’ve dropped – like “Lovit” (already grossing close to 40,000 views on YouTube) and “Whisky” – managed to draw out quite the crowd despite the band being in such a nascent stage of their music career.

Marian Hill consists of singer Samantha Gongol (above), whose sultry voice felt poppy yet powerful, and Jeremy Lloyd, who filled the stage with bouncing energy from behind his synth. The duo brought out their friend to play sax, giving the performance an extra jazzy vibe.

Electro group Elegant Animals, also from Philly, kicked off the night, followed by Aaron & The Spell, featuring jazzy, John Legend-esque frontman Aaron Brown.

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