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The Ataris Reunion Tour @ The TLA.

March 31, 2014

ataris1Text by Gabi Chepurny. Images by Jesse Marass.

Indie-punk veterans The Ataris brought their reunion show to Philadelphia on Thursday night, with a mixed bag of bands in tow.

Brooklyn’s Gasoline Heart opened the show with a lineup of songs that you would probably listen to while you were missing your ex-girlfriend. We’re not too surprised though, because what do you expect with a name like Gasoline Heart? Not that that’s a bad thing, because in reality we wouldn’t have had the beginning of this show any other way.

Drag the River brought their alt-country style to the stage. The Colorado two-piece took the tempo down with what you might expect to hear while sipping moonshine on someone’s back porch.

Punx Authority Zero took on the task of getting the crowd excited for the nights headliners. With high energy and a knack for getting the first mosh pit of the night going, we wondered who exactly put this lineup together.

Each band had similarities but still didn’t quite fit together. They all seemed to be friends though, as Authority Zero’s frontman okingly noted, “Gasoline Heart fucked up and left their whiskey on stage.”

He then downed what was left in his bottle.

The room had filled by the time the Ataris went on to play the entirety of their album, So Long, Astoria. It was obvious that the crowd consisted of loyal fans when practically all of them knew the words to every song.

While the band shied away from too much banter and stuck to the music, the audience couldn’t have been happier. During their most notable track, “Boys of Summer,” originally by Don Henley of The Eagles, lead singer Kris Roe apologized for the cover still being on the radio 10 years after it’s release.

While the entire show seemed to be a no-frills, stripped down event, fans couldn’t have been more excited to see their favorite band back on stage again.

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