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Cheerleader @ Milkboy.

April 14, 2014

gwm3Cheerleader06It was only appropriate that the weather was gorgeous on Saturday. Milkboy had their ground floor windows wide open and customers spilled out to the sidewalk. Before the doors opened for the second-floor show featuring X Ambassadors, Parade of Light and Cheerleader, the line of people waiting to enter ran down the entire city block.

Moments after everyone flooded into the long, narrow venue, Cheerleader burst out their handful of summer-sounding, electro-pop tunes. The crowd was most likely there to see the later bands, as Cheerleader has little music online except for a three-song demo and a video. But the crowd pushed right up to the stage and everyone was treated to the joyful sounds from the five-piece band.

Cheerleader has only been around for about a year but they have garnered a lot of media attention – from NME, MTV and elsewhere. They did the SXSW thing this year and they have played a handful of shows in Philly. For a band in their early stages, however, they sounded very polished.

During their set, they seemed into the music as they bounced around the stage. Frontman Joe Haller occasionally spoke to the crowd but for the most part, the bandmates just jammed out their upbeat music.

It was back-to-back nights for synth and guitar player Josh Pannepacker, who performed on Friday at Boot and Saddle with one of his other bands, Sad Actor. During the Cheerleader set, Josh’s guitar rocked a sticker from Shorty Boy-Boy, another of his projects.

Cheerleader will head to the UK this summer to perform, and they expect to release new music soon.


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