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Black Label Society, Down, Devil You Know and Butcher Babies @ The Electric Factory.

May 12, 2014

BlackLabelSociety_4Text by Gabi Chepurny. Images by Jesse Marass.

The Revolver Magazine Golden God Tour stopped by to bring some seriously heavy metal to the Electric Factory last week.

Butcher Babies, from Los Angeles, began the night with a mosh pit, an impressive feat for any opening band, but even more so from a group that’s only a few years old. Lead singers Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd impressed the crowd with heavy screams and heavier growls as they delivered a stage performance on par with bands three times their age.

Supergroup Devil You Know were a sight for sore eyes, as lead signer and ex-Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones had spent some time away from Philly. Before launching into “The Killer,” Jones gave some background on the song off their new album, The Beauty of Destruction. Being the honest man hat he is, the frontman explained that he, “royally screwed over,” every single girl he’s ever dated, leading to the content of this song.

Before starting it though, he asked for every guy in the audience who’s ever done the same to a girl to make some noise. Afterward, he said with a laugh, “I’m sure your parents are so proud right now.”

Down_1Down’s frontman Phil Anselmo tore up the stage while simultaneously paying tribute to his fallen brother, Dimebag Darrell, who was murdered by a deranged fan in 2004. In the middle of their set, Anselmo showed us his soft side when he made note of “the kid with the kid.” A fan that had brought their son to the show allowed the boy onstage. The boy, who looked to be around six, was gifted with guitar picks and drumsticks from the band, and threw up the devil horns while he rocked out with Anselmo as the band launched into “Hail the Leaf.”

Headliners Black Label Society (in the top image) arrived in plumes of smoke to the sound of police sirens. Halfway through the set, frontman Zakk Wylde launched into a 10-minute guitar solo that everyone except us was into. The heavy metal gods then paid their own tribute to Dimebag with their song, “In This River.” A banner with the guitarist on it dropped from the amplifier wall and Anselmo watched from the side of the stage.

He looked out over the crowd, gave an approving nod, then turned back to finish watching the tribute, 10 years after Dime’s death.

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