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DJ SYLO: “All People Just Want to Feel Alive.”

July 16, 2014

SYLO @ 700Here’s the latest installment of our monthly mixtape series, which is curated by GUN$ Garcia. Today she brings us Spank Rock and DJ SYLO. Spank will perform at the Red Bull Sound Select at Underground Arts on Saturday, with SYLO spinning throughout the night. Tickets to the party are only $3 if you RSVP here.

Our Teresa McCullough spoke with SYLO about his fashion sensibilities and musical tastes.

What kind of parties are you throwing down these days?

Parties are crazy! All people just want to feel alive, you know? Our parties feel alive to me. It’s cool because when a party is really rocking, the whole dance floor looks like one sole being. I’m proud of our parties. We’re giving our community something fresh and it’s growing.

So yeah, it’s a few different joints I wanna tell you about: STUNTLOCO at the 700 Club every Thursday (more and more forward thinking dance music), The Saint every Friday (the dependable turn up), and Pizza Parties (if you know, then you know).

Tell me a little bit about your inspiration behind your mix SPARK MY SOUL.

Love, loss and London. I lived in London for four months and SMS was the result. Here’s one cool thing: I was obsessed with this Two Inch Punch remix. I had it playing in my headphones when I left my job one night. It was Guy Fawkes Day, so when I stepped outside, there were fireworks going off everywhere in the sky. I could hear them through my headphones and it sounded, looked and felt beautiful. I just stood there till the song ended. When it came down to making SMS, I made that song the ender and added firework noises to recreate the moment for everybody.

SYLO_Jansen @ PCWho are some of your favorite DJ’s to perform with and why?

First, I gotta big up my brother Matt Ford. An amazing artist – new music coming soon – and also my MC. He rocks the mic during our parties and it’s amazing. DJ wise, I love spinning with my brothers Jansen, Sammy Slice and MistaSelecta. It just works you know? The vibe is there. I admire all those dudes in different ways.

I see you’re pretty original in wardrobe choices. What are you currently wearing? 

Silk shirt and MC Hammer pants. Janowskis on my feet. These cool sunglasses I got thrifting with my lil’ sis.

If you could create any new genre of music, what would it be and what would you name it?

Haha. Bobby McFerrin club music. It’s like any dirty hardcore club but made with only sounds from your voice/body. Then you can perform it live with a loop pedal thingy and destroy the dance floor!

What can we expect from your mixtape with Spank?

You know that scene from Star Wars in the cantina? Like that but 30 times more clubby and dirty. People from all galaxies on the dance floor getting it OD poppin’.

What is your favorite Pokemon and why? 

Incredibly hard question and you suck for asking me this. Abra.

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