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Glass Cloud and Scale the Summit @ The Barbary.

July 21, 2014

GlassCloud04Text and images by Chad Sims.

Last Wednesday at The Barbary, Glass Cloud and Scale the Summit co-headlined an amazing all ages metal show. Luckily, someone was smart enough to have the show start early so that most of the younger crowd actually got to see the headliners. However, the audience was fortunate that all of the bands made it.

Early in their set, bearded Glass Cloud front-man Jerry Roush (above) explained that one of the band members had been arrested the day before while driving their tour van, which was stolen. Or so the rental company had thought after mixing up their van with another. Before making it from DC to Philly, the band had to drive back to their hometown of Hampton, VA to sort out the mess but they made it to the show with little time to spare.

It was a blessing that the band was able to make it to town just before the end of the show because they were incredible. Roush held nothing back in his performance and had the crowd going nuts including a guy who was allowing people to jump off his back onto other audience members.

Progressive metal noodlers Scale the Summit was supposed to play last this night but switched spots with Glass Cloud for obvious reasons.

Scale the Summit is built around the wizardry of guitarist Chris Letchford though the rest of the band is insanely talented as well. Often bands of this ilk quickly lapse into pretentious soloing, but despite being a completely instrumental band STS keeps things fresh by layering endless melodies in their constantly shifting guitar tapping and shredding.

Throughout STS’s performance, the audience seemed completely enthralled though they weren’t moving much. Instead a good percentage of those in attendance were shooting videos on their phones.

While the type of audience participation was very different for these two bands, they complimented each other well and we got a great show. Erra, Reflections and Monuments opened.

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