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Premiere: Minka’s New Video for “Lets F*ck.”

August 27, 2014

Text by Brianna Spause.

Ari Rubin got a new toy. And what else is there to do with a 1984 Pontiac Grand Prix than to slap together a tastefully-cheesy music video?

The boys of the indie-funk band Minka star as “The Goons” in the video for “Lets Fuck,” a track off their new EP, The Republican. They’re clad in suits that could have crawled out of the basement of some long-forgotten thrift shop. There’s just the right mix of Halloween store blood and CGI shotgun rounds to leave you wanting more.

“I feel as though this video encapsulates the vibe of what we go for as a band in the terms of our stage show and the music itself,” lead singer Rubin said. “We all have a laid back disposition and we definitely like to get a little bit weird from time to time. A lot of our music is tounge-in-cheek, especially lyrically. We’ll take the time to make sure the music has a deep groove.”

Minka is currently down one man but still groovin’. The band will play for the first time as a four-piece when they headline an EP release party at Boot and Saddle on Sept. 4.



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