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Voss and Friends @ Underground Arts.

September 2, 2014

Voss-33Text by Chesney Davis. Images by Reji B. Photography.

It’s been three years since Voss has performed live with a full band. With the July release of his latest EP, The Book of Michael Chapter 2: Hunger Pains, the emcee decided to revisit performing using live music. Last Thursday night, he performed with indie-rockers The Jawn at Underground Arts. Phlight School’s Chris Vance hosted, while Jim Redz DJed.

The night brought a heavy dose of local hip hop from four opening acts, including LTC, a Levittown based rapper whose personal motto seemed to be “go hard, go strong.” Up next was Rob Diioia, who brought a charming swag to the stage with a smile and some speedy spitting and CJ x Evan’s party boy hip hop made you want to dance. The final opener, Sinistah K, joked with the crowd but was serious and intense when he began to flow.

Then came Voss, who began with his well-known song “Tarantino.” With The Jawn backing him, newer songs like “David Beckham” produce a thumping that incited consistent head banging. Local singer Khrista White, who is featured on the song “The Believers” from Voss’ recent EP, graced the stage and fellow emcee Skrewtape lent some extra energy and vocals.

Voss flung himself around the stage and through the crowd as show goers jumped, swayed, pumped their fists and nodded their heads. The breath control and exercise Voss says he’s spent the last year keeping up with seemed to pay off during his hour long set, his longest set to date.

At the end of the show, Voss was drenched in sweat but also drenched in appreciation, repeating “thank you” for support throughout his career overall and the show specifically, which he put together on his own.

Voss has plenty more projects in the works. Some he’s not quite ready to announce and some he is, like the third chapter in The Book of Michael EP trilogy, for which he just began recording.

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