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OK Go and Broadzilla @ Union Transfer.

September 23, 2014

OKGo_003Text by Greta Iverson. Images by Chris Fascenelli.

OK Go came to Philly and brought some of the coolest visual effects with them. From holograms to confetti, OK Go did not hold back on making their show as stunning as possible.

They opened with one of their most popular songs, “You’re So Damn Hot.” The band used crazy holograms to give tons of depth to the stage. Someone definitely muttered, “Whoa, what the hell?” when they created the illusion of being trapped in a television.

“I like places like this because you can genuinely see everyone,” said lead singer Damian Kulash.

Kulash didn’t hesitate to hop into the crowd and get close and personal with his audience. There was even a small stage set up in the middle of the audience for a few songs.

For the song, “There is a Fire,” Kulash and OK Go’s drummer, Dan Konopka, built the song on a smart phone by recording the audience making various percussion sounds and looping them.

The bubbly set was a big contrast to the opener, Broadzilla. The two Philly DJs alternated on stage mixing classic and new songs into an unusually laid back, continuous set. Try to visualize Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” sharing a song with the Clash’s “Rock the Casbah.”

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