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The Lawsuits with DRGN King and Tutlie @ Johnny Brenda’s.

September 30, 2014


The Lawsuits @ Johnny Brenda's_092614_Photo by Jason Melcher_IMG_5084Text and images by Jason Melcher.

In celebration of the release of their newest EP, Tumbled, The Lawsuits played a sold out show at Johnny Brenda’s on Friday night.

Tutlie opened the evening with mesmerizing harmonies between female vocalists Jessie Radlow and Rebecca Way. Backed by Greg O’Neill on electric guitar, Greg Diehl on bass, Mark Cruttenden on drums, and Asher Brooks on keyboard and trumpet, Tutlie unleashed a stunning set with its orchestral, chamber-pop charm.

DRGN KING followed next with frontman Dominic Angelella putting on an impassioned, hair-flailing display.  Playing hits from their album Paragraph Nights, the electronic pop-rock band energized the crowd as even more locals continued to pour into the venue.

As fog billowed from the dimly lit stage, the excitement was palpable. Relieving the anticipation and grinning ear to ear, The Lawsuits took to the stage amid eardrum-rupturing cheers. They opened up their set with a catchy new song “Gimme Gimme” and blended their four-song EP with a handful of tracks from their last album, Cool Cool Cool.

Accompanied by bassist Brendan Cunningham, guitarist Joe Bisirri and drummer Josh Friedman, the harmony between lead singers Brian Dale Allen Strouse and Vanessa Winters crafts a beautiful immersion of folk and rock. Every song finished with a crescendo of cheers, especially concluding the heartfelt encore. Strouse encouraged the audience to hold that special someone close as The Lawsuits finished off a spectacular evening with “You Won’t Love Me If You Don’t” and “Baby, Don’t Go.”

There was a lot of love for these Philly bands and each one delivered with exceptional performances.

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