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We Are Scientists @ Johnny Brenda’s.

October 6, 2014

WeAreScientists04The guys from We Are Scientists burst on to the stage at Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday and blasted through a high energy set of pounding rock.

“How many of you are Philadelphians?” asked bass player Chris Cain between songs.

After the crowd erupted, Cain followed with, “That was about 20 percent. That’s not bad. The crowd in DC last night was 92 percent from Arkansas.”

Then he dedicated the next few songs to the people of Arkansas.

Cain and college friend Keith Murray started the band in 1997. Songs from their major label debut, With Love and Squalor, began dropping in 2005 and the bandmates found themselves invited to the Reading Festival and touring with the likes of Arctic Monkeys.

They released three more albums before this year’s TV en Francais.

They seemed to enjoy themselves on stage, with steady banter from Cain, who polled the audience about which Philadelphia icon – the cheesesteak or Liberty Bell – should rule supreme (cheesesteaks won). Drummer Keith Carne was constantly smiling (he visited the David Lynch exhibit at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts earlier in the day). And after they performed “The Great Escape” with the lights in the club flickering like a strobelight, Murray said it felt like a snuff film.

“Do it again for the next song,” he requested.

Surfer Blood and Eternal Summers opened for We Are Scientists, as they have throughout the tour.

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